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Magento 2.0 Migration Solutions

Elevate Your Business Through Cost-Effective Magento 1 to Magento 2.0 Migration Services

Unlock the power of Magento 2.0 with Net2Success IT Solutions. Get started on seamless eCommerce web development and Magento 2.0 migration services for your business success.

Magento 2.0 Migration Services

Enhance your online store’s usability, scale for success, and boost conversion rates with Magento migration services from Net2Success IT Solutions. Regardless of your current eCommerce platform, our specialists will facilitate a smooth transition to Magento 2.0, ensuring website security and improved performance.

Leverage our diverse Magento 2.0 migration services to provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience while gaining higher operational efficiency and improved management capabilities.

In addition to Magento 1 to Magento 2.0 migration services, we also support transitions from various third-party platforms to Magento, including WooCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, and vice versa, meeting the unique needs of each client.

Reasons to Opt for Magento 2.0 Migration

Considering Magento 2.0 migration services? Here’s why it’s a strategic move:

  1. End of Magento 1 Support: With Magento 1 support fully ceased, migrating to Magento 2.0 becomes imperative for continued security and performance.
  2. Security Patches: Older versions lack new security patches, exposing your eStore to potential vulnerabilities. Upgrade to Magento 2.0 for a more secure online environment.
  3. Performance Issues: Outdated versions may result in performance degradation. Magento 2.0 ensures a stable and optimized platform for your eCommerce operations.
  4. Payment Methods: Upgrading allows seamless integration of new and advanced payment methods, offering your customers a broader range of payment options.
  5. Data Vulnerabilities: Sticking to Magento 1 may expose your data and access points to vulnerabilities. Migrate to Magento 2.0 for enhanced data security.
  6. Extension Upgrades: Lack of updates means missing out on new plugin or extension upgrades. Stay up-to-date and competitive by migrating to Magento 2.0.
  7. ROI Enhancement: Magento 2.0, being more stable and secure, is likely to attract a broader audience, increase interactions, and boost revenue compared to Magento 1.

Comprehensive Magento 2.0 Migration Services

Unlock the potential of Magento 2.0 with Net2Success IT Solutions’ advanced hybrid services.

We initiate the process by thoroughly examining your existing eStore, noting necessary transformations, and devising a meticulous plan for Magento 2.0 migration. Client involvement is paramount, as we discuss and finalize these developments before implementation.

Our Magento 2.0 migration services ensure complete coverage of your needs with 100% accuracy, quality, and ongoing support.

Diverse Magento Migration Services & Support

Theme & Design Migration

While Magento 1 themes aren’t directly transferable, our Magento 2.0 migration services ensure a seamless theme and design transition. We recreate, adjust, configure, optimize, and install themes compatible with Magento 2.0, providing a customized design aligned with your preferences.

Core Database Migration

Net2Success IT Solutions’ Magento migration services prioritize data safety. Through a comprehensive online store data audit and advanced tools, we safeguard your inventory, customer data, promotions, discounts, configurations, sales, SEO setup, and website content.

Extension Migration

During the Magento 1 to Magento 2.0 migration, we carefully assess installed extensions. Unsupported ones are discarded, and Magento 2.0 extensions are seamlessly integrated to optimize your store’s functionality. Scheduled upgrades and performance analysis ensure your online store operates at its best.

Development & Customizations

Our developers replicate and enhance custom modules from your current eCommerce store, ensuring similar functionality in your new Magento 2.0 store using the Magento code migration toolkit. As part of our Magento 2.0 migration services, we craft UI/UX designs, build custom themes, and modify system configurations to elevate your users’ shopping experiences.

SEO Migration

Preserving SEO settings and monitoring SEO behavior during the transition is crucial. Our Magento migration services address Google Analytics setup, broken URLs, lost pages, duplicate content, faulty redirects, faceted navigation, pagination, canonical tags, schema, and other minor issues, maintaining peak SEO performance despite the migration.

Migration to Magento 2.0 From Competitive Platforms

Is your eCommerce solution contemplating a move to Magento 2.0? We understand the considerations tied to this decision—budget, time, performance, scalability, control, complexity, customization, and more. Net2Success IT Solutions eases these concerns with client-specific consultations and a suite of Magento migration services tailored to your needs.

  1. Shopify to Magento Migration
  2. WooCommerce to Magento Migration
  3. Magento to Shopify Migration Services
  4. Magento to WordPress Migration
  5. Wix to Magento 2.0 Migration Services
  6. Magento 1 to Magento 2.0 migration

Advantages of Choosing Magento 2.0

Wondering why consider WooCommerce to Magento 2.0 migration, Shopify to Magento migration, or even WordPress to Magento migration?

From a business standpoint, the decision to change a website’s parent platform must justify the expense, time, and resource investment. Here are the reasons:

  1. Faster performance
  2. More SEO-friendly
  3. Improved front-end performance
  4. Enhanced security
  5. Codeless configuration
  6. High scalability
  7. Cost-effective customizations
  8. Latest PHP support
  9. Advanced browser caching
  10. Faster add-to-cart server response times
  11. Streamlined checkout
  12. Better admin support

Customer satisfaction and growth are paramount. Migrating to Magento 2.0 with our team ensures stellar performance, inherent flexibility, and progressive technology.

Magento 1 to Magento 2.0 Migration Services: Our Process

Embark on your Magento 2.0 journey with a foolproof version upgrade plan, addressing intricacies, vulnerabilities, and complexities.

Our Magento migration services propel your business toward a unique digital ecosystem. From store setup, duplication of existing settings, initial migration to DNS flip, and a complete functional upgrade—we cover every aspect of Magento 2.0 migration services with security and confidentiality.

Explore how our proven process works to your advantage:

Store Analysis

This phase involves a thorough eStore review, analysis, and planning. We set up the project, duplicate eStore settings, and commence the initial stage of Magento migration and upgrade services.

eStore Upgrade

From finding and replacing existing themes, extensions, and integrations to creating custom functionalities, we use the latest tools and technologies to ensure your eStore’s functionality is maintained.

QA Testing

After completing the initial migration phase, an integrated QA and testing phase is performed to ensure the final result is bug-free and streamlined for smooth functionality.


We conclude the Magento version upgrade with final republishing, done after thorough design testing and client verification of the Magento 2.0 migration module.

While this process is tailored for Magento 1 to Magento 2.0 migration services, we adapt it flexibly for customized client requirements, facilitating smooth third-party to Magento migration.

Elements of Your Basic Migration Plan

Magento 2.0 migration involves significant changes that must be implemented carefully to avoid downtime or data loss. The Net2Success IT Solutions team ensures the same through Magento migration services operating on a robust basic migration plan.

Key Points:

  1. Data, Extension, Integration, & API review on the existing site
  2. Compilation of necessary and critical customizations, avoiding unnecessary ones
  3. Identification and removal of redundant, ambiguous, or outdated data
  4. Replication of the current eStore to create a fallback
  5. Tool analysis, review, and selection for seamless migration
  6. Core configuration, customer, and catalog migration
  7. UI level changes, replications, and customizations
  8. Data migration, plus data update collection and transfer
  9. Magento 2.0 website functionality testing
  10. Go live for the new and improved Magento 2.0 eStore

Outsource Magento 1 to Magento 2.0 Migration Services To A Trusted Partner

Leverage the next-generation Magento 2.0 platform. Grow your business globally with Net2Success IT Solutions’s Magento 2.0 migration services.

Outsource Magento 1 to Magento 2.0 migration services to our multidimensional teams and enjoy faster time-to-market, out-of-the-box performance, and enhanced scalability.

Partnering with Net2Success IT Solutions for Magento migration services means not just an upgrade but a holistic approach to elevate your store’s performance. We update existing settings, identify and fix compatibility issues via a thorough site audit, and install the latest security patches to minimize risk and maximize positive outcomes.

Your Trusted Partner in Magento 2.0 Migration

Elevate your business to new heights with Net2Success IT Solutions as your trusted partner in Magento 2.0 migration. Backed by a team of certified Magento developers, we offer tailored Magento 2.0 migration services that accelerate your store’s performance.

In addition to seamless migration, we go beyond, updating your existing settings, identifying and rectifying compatibility issues through a comprehensive site audit. Our commitment includes installing the latest security patches to minimize risk and ensure positive outcomes for your eCommerce venture.

With Net2Success IT Solutions, experience a holistic approach to Magento 2.0 migration that not only upgrades your platform but propels your business into a new era of success.

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Frequently Asked Question!

Why migrate to Magento 2.0?

Magento 2.0 offers enhanced security, better performance, and improved scalability, ensuring a more stable and secure platform for your eCommerce business.

Is it necessary to migrate from Magento 1?

Yes, as Magento 1 support has ended, continuing to use it poses security risks and may lead to performance issues. Migrating to Magento 2.0 is crucial for sustained growth.

Can you migrate from other platforms to Magento 2.0?

Absolutely! We provide migration services from various platforms, including WooCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, and more, ensuring a seamless transition to Magento 2.0.

What makes Magento 2.0 a better choice for my business?

Magento 2.0 offers faster performance, advanced security features, and greater scalability, providing a superior user experience and ultimately contributing to business growth.

How does the Magento migration process work?

Our process includes store analysis, eStore upgrade, QA testing, and republishing. We ensure a smooth transition with minimal downtime and data loss.

Can you migrate custom themes and designs?

Yes, our Magento 2 migration services cover theme and design migration, ensuring your online store maintains its unique look and feel.

Do you handle SEO migration during the transition?

Yes, we take care of SEO settings, monitor SEO behavior, and address issues such as broken URLs and duplicate content to maintain optimal SEO performance.

What eCommerce platforms do you support for migration?

We support migration from various platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, Wix, and even Magento 1 to Magento 2.

How long does the Magento 2.0 migration process take?

The timeline varies based on the complexity of the project and specific client requirements. We ensure a thorough and efficient migration process.

Why choose Net2Success IT Solutions for Magento migration?

We offer client-specific consultations, a comprehensive range of services, and a proven migration process. Our certified Magento developers ensure a seamless transition for your business.