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Boosting Leads and Traffic for Girls With Impact


Girls With Impact is a pioneering ed-tech company that offers the nation’s only live, online mini-MBA program designed specifically for young women and girls. Developed by leaders from Harvard, the program aims to empower the next generation of female leaders by providing them with essential business and leadership skills.


The primary objective was to generate high-quality leads that are easy to convert, focusing exclusively on the USA market. Additionally, the company aimed to rank in the top 50 target keywords to enhance their online visibility and reach.


The campaign faced several significant challenges:

  1. Targeting via Google Ads and Meta Ads: Effectively reaching the target demographic of young women and girls in the USA required strategic and precise use of both Google and Meta (Facebook and Instagram) advertising platforms.
  2. Creative Content Generation: Developing engaging, persuasive, and relatable content that resonates with the target audience was crucial for the success of the campaign.
  3. Keyword Selection: Identifying and targeting the most effective keywords was a complex task due to the competitive nature of the ed-tech industry and the specific focus on a niche demographic.


To overcome these challenges, a comprehensive and multifaceted strategy was implemented:

1. Targeted Advertising Campaigns:

  1. Google Ads: The campaign utilized Google Ads to reach users searching for relevant educational programs and leadership courses. The ads were highly targeted based on demographics, interests, and search behavior.
  2. Meta Ads: On Facebook and Instagram, the ads were designed to engage young women through visually appealing and motivational content. The targeting was refined to focus on age, gender, and interests related to education and personal development.

2. Creative Content Development:

  1. A series of creative ad formats were developed, including video testimonials, success stories from alumni, interactive polls, and informative carousel ads. These formats were chosen to capture attention and engage the audience.
  2. The content emphasized the unique value proposition of the program, such as the Harvard-designed curriculum, live online classes, and the potential for personal and professional growth.

3. Keyword Research and Optimization:

  1. Extensive keyword research was conducted to identify high-potential keywords that aligned with the target audience’s search intent. Long-tail keywords and phrases related to leadership programs for young women, online MBA for girls, and similar terms were prioritized.
  2. SEO strategies were employed to optimize the website and landing pages for these keywords, including on-page SEO techniques, meta tag optimization, and creating high-quality content that addresses common queries and interests of the target audience.


The campaign delivered impressive results, significantly enhancing the online presence and lead generation capabilities of Girls With Impact:

  1. 70% Increase in Organic Traffic: The optimized keywords and improved content strategy resulted in a substantial increase in organic traffic to the website.
  2. 3X Increase in Unique Users: The targeted advertising campaigns successfully attracted three times more unique users, expanding the reach and awareness of the program.
  3. 96 Leads per Day: The lead generation efforts yielded an average of 96 high-quality leads per day, indicating strong interest and engagement from the target demographic.
  4. 30+ Keywords in the Top 10 Positions: Over 30 targeted keywords achieved top 10 positions on search engine results pages, significantly boosting visibility and credibility.


The strategic approach to leveraging Google Ads and Meta Ads, combined with creative content development and precise keyword optimization, proved highly effective for Girls With Impact. The campaign not only met but exceeded the initial objectives, establishing a robust online presence and a steady flow of high-quality leads, thereby solidifying Girls With Impact’s position as a leader in the ed-tech industry for young women and girls.