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Bike Share Toronto Case Study

Transforming Pedals to Pixels: A Triumph in SEO for Bike Share Toronto


Bike Share Toronto sought to elevate its online presence, enhance keyword rankings, and boost organic traffic and session rates. The objective was to establish a strong digital footprint, increasing visibility and engagement within Toronto’s biking community.


Despite being a key player in Toronto’s biking ecosystem, Bike Share Toronto faced challenges in optimizing its online presence. The website struggled to rank for relevant keywords, resulting in limited organic traffic. The goal was to overcome this hurdle and increase user engagement while generating leads for continued growth.


Our SEO experts meticulously audited the website, identifying key areas for improvement. A comprehensive keyword strategy was developed, focusing on high-volume, relevant terms related to bike sharing in Toronto. On-site optimizations were implemented, including content enhancements, meta tag improvements, and website structure adjustments.

Off-site strategies involved building quality backlinks, fostering partnerships, and leveraging social media to amplify the brand’s online authority. Additionally, a content marketing plan was executed to create informative and engaging material, driving organic traffic and user engagement.


The results of the SEO overhaul were transformative:

  • 173% Increase in Organic Traffic: The optimized website experienced a significant surge in organic traffic, reaching audiences actively searching for bike-sharing services in Toronto.
  • 3X Increase in Unique Users: The website’s enhanced visibility attracted three times as many unique users, expanding the reach of Bike Share Toronto’s online audience.
  • Minimum 183 Generating Leads: The implemented strategies not only increased traffic but also resulted in a minimum of 183 leads generated, demonstrating the effectiveness of the campaign in converting visitors into potential customers.
  • 90+ Keywords in the Top 10 Positions: The keyword strategy successfully propelled Bike Share Toronto into the top 10 positions for over 90 relevant keywords, solidifying its position as a leading choice in Toronto’s bike-sharing landscape.

In summary

the SEO project for Bike Share Toronto not only met but exceeded its objectives, showcasing the powerful impact of strategic optimization in the digital realm. The company now stands as a shining example of how a robust online presence can fuel growth and engagement in a competitive market.