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Transformative ORM and SEO Campaign for Tim Tebow Foundation


The Tim Tebow Foundation, a renowned NGO dedicated to fighting for the world’s most vulnerable people, sought to enhance its online presence, increase donations, and achieve top rankings for critical keywords.


  • Boost Online Donations: Drive higher donation volumes through improved online visibility and engagement.
  • Strengthen Online Reputation Management (ORM): Build a robust and positive digital reputation to foster trust and credibility.
  • Achieve Top Keyword Rankings: Secure top 10 rankings for strategically important keywords to maximize organic reach.


The Tim Tebow Foundation faced significant challenges in standing out in the crowded NGO sector. The primary hurdles included low online donation conversion rates, a need for better ORM practices, and difficulty in ranking for competitive keywords relevant to their mission.


To overcome these challenges, a multi-faceted strategy was implemented:

  • Comprehensive SEO Audit: An in-depth audit of the foundation’s website to identify and rectify technical SEO issues.
  • Targeted Keyword Strategy: Development and execution of a keyword strategy focusing on high-impact, relevant terms.
  • Content Optimization: Creation and optimization of high-quality content tailored to the foundation’s audience and mission.
  • ORM Initiatives: Implementation of advanced ORM techniques to manage and enhance the foundation’s online reputation.
  • Donation Funnel Optimization: Refinement of the donation process to improve user experience and increase conversion rates.


The results of this campaign were transformative:

  • 3X More Donations: The foundation experienced a threefold increase in online donations, significantly boosting its ability to support its cause.
  • Strong ORM Built: The foundation’s online reputation was solidified, earning trust and positive sentiment across digital platforms.
  • Top 10 Keyword Rankings: Achieved top 10 rankings for critical keywords, dramatically increasing organic traffic and visibility.

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